At Solcaman and Metasolk we offer a wide range of services with the aim of meeting each and every one of our clients’ needs. 

Below you can download our catalogue where you can find each and every one of the services in which we specialise. 

Download Solcaman and
Metasolk catalogue

Services in our factory in Portugal and Spain


We join metal parts together using different welding methods.

Industrial assembly

Repair and assembly of industrial machinery.

Assembly of works

We are in charge of preparing, assembling and disassembling the structures of buildings, warehouses and other structures.


Realizamos el mantenimiento de instalaciones, maquinaria y equipos como de los distintos espacios de trabajo que componen esas instalaciones industriales.

Installation of suction towers

We carry out the maintenance of installations, machinery and equipment as well as the different work spaces that make up these industrial installations.


We carry out mechanisation, which will allow you to replace, either totally or partially, all human and animal labour with mechanised or machine-produced work.


We undertake the construction and repair of ships, maintenance of pipelines and the commissioning of ships.

Heavy boilermaking

Construction of large tanks to be able to undertake the storage of different elements such as solids, gas or liquids.

Piping assembly

We take care of something as fundamental as the creation of a pipe network.

Wind installations

Prefabrication, construction and welding of wind tower components.

Oil plants

We take care of the construction of oil plants

Petrochemical plants

Construction, installation and maintenance of facilities. Shutdowns for increased work.

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