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Heavy boilermaking

Any company specialized in heavy boilermaking, must have tank manufacturing, and / or casings where different elements are stored both solid, liquid and gaseous.

SOLCAMAN SL are responsible for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of boilers and storage tanks.

With a correct installation and quality materials our boilermakers are in charge of the maintenance and repair of heavy boilers that can last up to more than 50 years!

Within this service we have vehicles, machines and specialized tools since some boilers have large dimensions, so a crane must be used to move the parts and place them in the right place when assembling the boiler.

What services do our heavy boilermaking professionals offer?

Heavy boilermaking is a function that requires technical knowledge and experience to perform the job successfully. Among the functions we perform at Solcaman S.L are:

  • Loading and unloading of materials and boiler elements.
  • Having specialized tools and vehicles necessary for its construction.
  • Interpretation of plans to read and understand them for the location, position and dimension of the boiler parts.
  • We also handle the installation of prefabricated heavy boilerwork in manufacturing facilities and other buildings.
  • Erection of boilerwork using tools, equipment, and techniques such as welding
  • Inspecting and testing boiler systems for defects or leaks.
  • Repair or replace parts such as valves, gaskets or pipes, using welding equipment, hand tools and gas torches.

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