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Petrochemical plants

In petrochemical plants, raw materials such as oil or gas are used to manufacture a multitude of products.

We take care of the construction, installation and maintenance of each and every one of the facilities.

The importance of maintenance in petrochemical plants

In all the processes in which machinery is used, a periodical revision must be carried out in order to prevent possible failures in the machinery that, besides stopping the production of the petrochemical plant, also entails costs that could have been avoided if maintenance had been carried out.

Therefore, the probability of accidents caused by the machinery is reduced, the availability is increased since the maintenance will last less than a situation in which the machinery has to be repaired due to a possible breakdown. And it also avoids energy losses, since when one of the machines is not working, other machines are used in the meantime, even exceeding their capacity, which can increase energy consumption.

Therefore, maintenance is something fundamental that must be carried out in a petrochemical plant in order to prevent problems that may affect its productivity.

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