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In Solcaman S.L we do not limit ourselves only to the construction and maintenance of industrial companies, we also move in the marine field taking care of the construction and repair of ships, maintenance of pipelines and the commissioning of ships.

Our shipyard services

Among the actions we carry out on ships are:

Welding: In order to guarantee the quality of the structures of which the boat is composed, it is necessary to have a quality welding in all its metallic structures.

Plumbing: We carry out the maintenance of the pipes, something fundamental to assure a correct operation of the boat for a long time.

Construction: We take care of everything related to the creation and installation of boat parts.
Maintenance: Boats are very large structures that have a great variety of parts and other elements that with use and the passage of time can become rusty and wear out. This means that these elements can begin to fail and not work properly. For this reason we carry out quality inspections to check that the elements that make up the structure are in good condition.

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