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In Solcaman S.L we carry out the welding service, which is a technique used to join metal parts together.

Unlike other materials that are joined with nails or cement, metals need to be joined through heat.

How welding is performed

The welding procedure is as follows:

Before starting to melt the metals, the welding area must be protected from the air around it. This is a fundamental step that must be carried out since oxygen and other gases in the air make the welds brittle and porous.

Once this is done, we can move on to the welding process, for this we will need to create an arc of electricity with which to melt the metal objects thanks to the heat it gives off, which melts all types of metals at breakneck speed.

When the metal is melted we add an additional amount of metal that is used as filler to join the 2 pieces and become 1.

Our experts always weld all types of parts together quickly, meticulously and accurately, always offering a quality service.

Types of welding

Among the types of welding we carry out are:

  • Semiautomatic: This welding, also known as MIG/MAG, uses gas to melt the iron, the most commonly used being argon gas combined with carbon dioxide.
  • Electrodes: Electrode welding is the one that uses an arc of electricity created with electrodes, which generates a thermal source that melts the metal.
  • Tig: TIG welding combines a tungsten electrode arc and an inert gas that prevents contact with air. The electrode remains attached to a torch that transmits electric current while injecting a shielding gas.
  • Ultrasonic welding: This is the most innovative process of all, which consists of a machine where the materials to be welded are placed one on top of the other. Once placed, the machine emits an ultrasonic wave that makes the materials melt together.

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