Solcaman y Metasolk Expertos en Soldadura, Calderería y Montaje


Expertos en soldadura, calderería y montaje

We are a boiler, welding and maintenance company, we specialize in the supply of skilled labor in the metal and automotive sector.

In Solcaman S.L and Metasolk we have extensive experience providing our customers with services that meet their needs and solve their problems.



With 10 years of experience in the sector, we are an outsourced company and we are perfectly qualified and trained, we offer quality finishes contrasted with all the necessary guarantees and an indispensable after-sales service for us, Outsorcing is part of our journey, we have the right people to give term to specific needs outsourcing part of the actions that give the precise solution to each circumstance.


The advantages of starting from a wide experience and our need to continuously improve in all departments using the appropriate means, allows us to have an excellent future projection where the challenges become a commitment that we face with passion and enthusiasm.


We like to do our work with responsibility and professionalism. The premises that move us are honesty and transparency. Closeness and excellence are also part of this framework, which like our projects, make us grow with confidence and above all, with the necessary humanity to do so.

Services in which we specialize

Servicios en los que nos especializamos
Nuestros especialistas en el sector del metal y la automoción

Our specialists in the metal and automotive sector

Some of our services from our factory in Spain and Portugal

Soldadura en España y Portugal


We join metal parts together with different welding methods.



We replace all human and animal labor with mechanized or machine-produced labor.

Mantenimiento maquinaria y equipos


We carry out the maintenance of installations, machinery and equipment as well as of the different work spaces that make up these industrial facilities.

Se muestra a uno de nuestros miembros realizando una calderería pesada

Heavy boilermaking

Construction of large tanks to be able to undertake the storage of different elements such as solids, gas or liquids.

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Especialistas en el sector del metal y la automoción